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Brilliant Home Remedies For Infections

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6 December, 2011

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In the entire span of a human being’s life, infections of various kinds affect him or her and most of them are common ailments that can be easily treated through the intake of medications as simple as OTC drugs.

Infections cropping up once in a while are ok and do not affect a person’s resistance power. However, when a person is faced with recurrent infections of varying kinds and they are treated through antibiotics, he or she stands the chance to develop resistance to antibiotics.

It is here that we must explore the wonderful possibilities of herbal as well as home remedies that help in treating these simple problems without side effects and protect our body’s resistance from deterioration. Discussed below are some common herbs and methods for treating all kinds of infections.

Home Remedies For Infections

Skin Infections

Skin infections like eczema, yeast and fungal infections, bacterial skin conditions etc. can be treated through Aloe Vera, neem, turmeric, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar, to mention a few. All these have anti bacterial qualities and do not have any side effect on the skin.

Skin Infections

Aloe Vera and turmeric have skin restoring qualities as well. Tea tree oil must be diluted before application on the skin. All other herbs can be made into a paste along with water and applied on the skin directly for the symptoms to subside. Foryeast infections of all kinds, yoghurt is a wonderful remedy for topical application as well as internal consumption.

Respiratory Infections

We are all susceptible to frequent episodes of cough, cold, sore throat, strep throat, sinus infections etc. and infections of the mouth like canker sores, thrush, etc. These types of infections can be treated with garlic, ginger, honey, cumin seeds, saline solution, yoghurt, baking soda, lemon etc.

Respiratory Infections

Taking 4-5 garlic cloves will destroy the bacteria in the throat and reduce the symptoms of cough. Ginger can be mixed with onion juice or honey and taken for cough, cold etc. Garlic and ginger has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and can relieve the symptoms immediately.

Holy basil is another wonderful remedy for curing cough. Boil the leaves along with water and drink it all throughout the day. Water boiled with cumin seeds help in relieving mucus from allergies.

Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections like UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis, bladder infections, penis yeast infections etc. can be treated with garlic, tea tree oil and yoghurt. All these have anti bacterial properties and can be used safely for several days until the symptoms subside. Yoghurt, tea tree oil and garlic juice can be applied on the area of infection several times a day for relief.

Bacterial Infections

Eye Infections

Eye infections need to be taken more seriously as anything which is left undetected or ignored can even cause vision loss. For infections like conjunctivitis, you can apply warm or cold compress and wash the eye with turmeric water for removal of bacteria.

Eye Infections

Take one cup of boiled water and add around ten drops of goldenseal tincture and one teaspoon of boric acid. Allow it to cool to room temperature and apply into the eyes. Let it dry and rinse off. This can be done 2-3 times a day.

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