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Best Homeopathic Remedies For Allergies

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17 September, 2011

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Best Homeopathic Remedies For AllergiesAllergy is mainly caused by stimulants like dust, cold, scents of certain kinds, food and any other substance that causes the body cells to react. While conventional treatment acts on the symptoms of allergy, homeopathic remedies for allergies act on the root causes of allergy.

Let us discuss certain homeopathic medicines with respect to their effect on the different symptoms of allergy.

Effect Of Homeopathic Preparations On Nasal Discharge

One of the most common symptoms of allergy is nasal discharge. There are various homeopathic medicines available that help to reduce the various conditions of nasal congestion and discharge.

Allium Cepa

The medicine has been found to have a positive effect on allergic symptoms of runny nose discharging clear mucus.  The other symptoms that get cured by the use of Allium cepa are continuous sneezing, cough, irritation and discharge of the nose, watery eyes, thirst etc.

Ferrum Phosphoricum

This homeopathic medicine is effective in curing runny eyes accompanied with watery nose. Other symptoms of allergy that get reduced by the natural medicine are burning of eyes and short, dry cough. The medicine has extensive effects when used in the initial stages of allergy. Individuals prone to allergy are prescribed the medicine as it not only strengthens the body’s immunity against allergy but also lessens the severity of the symptoms.


This medicine is prescribed to allergic symptoms like dry, irritated membranes of the nose, itching of the ears, and roof of your mouth, throat and irritation of the region behind the ears.

Homeopathic Medicine For Sneezing

The other symptom that accompanies allergic reaction is sneezing.


This medicine is used to reduce the intensity of sneezing and watery eyes. Other symptoms of allergy that get cured by the medicine are itchy nose, headaches, drowsiness etc.


The symptoms of continuous sneezing with headaches and pain at the back of the neck are treated with Gelsemium. The medicine is also used for treating tiredness and drowsiness because of allergy, swollen membranes of the nasal cavity, irritating nasal discharge and heat flushing.

Natrum Muriaticum

This tincture is also used for curing the intensity of allergic sneezing. This is also a decongestant that is used to treat conditions of semi liquid nasal discharge. The medicine is also used to treat symptoms accompanying allergic attack like lack of taste or smell, lack of sleep, increase in thirst, irritation and depression.

Homeopathic Medicine For Treating Cough

Cough caused by allergens like dust, change in temperature, smell etc. will be accompanied with symptoms like tickling of the roof of the mouth or the throat. The severity of the symptom will depend on the intensity of allergy.

Arsenicum album is a homeopathic remedy for allergic cough is used to treat wheezing cough. Other allergic symptoms that get reduced with the use of the medicine are watery and swollen eyes, inflammation of the mucus cells, restlessness, sleepy and irritation.

Euphrasia is used when coughing is severe during day and reduces in intensity at night. Other symptoms for which Euphrasia is used include irritation of the swollen eyes, watery discharge and eyes becoming sensitive to light. Nux Vomica is used to treat tickling of the throat and roof of the mouth. Homeopathic remedies for allergies are intended to provide relief from the symptoms that accompany allergic reaction of the body.

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