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Association Of Dietary Intake And Joint Pain

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1 September, 2011

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Association Of Dietary Intake And Joint PainIt is a well known fact that the key to healthy joints is healthy diet. Dietary intake and joint pain are very closely related to each other. Joint pain, also known as arthritis, can occur in any joint area of the body, such as elbows, knees, ankle, wrist etc.

Among several causes, unhealthy diet is one of the main factors responsible for arthritis. People, who rely majorly on processed foods, junk foods, and fast foods, are more prone to suffer from arthritis problem. Lack of essential minerals and vitamins in the body leads to several health related problems, with joint pain being one of them.

It is crucial to feed the body with necessary amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, and several other minerals, so that the health and strength of the joints is maintained, hence ensuring proper flexibility and movement. With the help of ingestion of foods which are rich in antioxidants, an individual would be able to remain away from several symptoms of joint pain.

Also, anti-inflammatory foods prove to be of immense assistance in relieving joint pain problems. Let us here discuss about some of the important facts related to dietary intake & joint pain, which would aid in understating the association between the two in a much better way.

A Few Facts About Dietary Intake And Joint Pain

Impact Of High Protein Diet On Joints

It is true that proteins should be an important part of a healthy diet. In order to remain in good health, it is imperative for a person to go for healthy protein rich foods. However, it should not be forgotten that excess of everything is bad. Excessive consumption of protein can lead to joint troubles.

The calcium level in the body goes down as a person concentrates on high protein diet, which may deteriorate the health of the bones. Also, excessive protein intake can lead to dehydration, which may weaken the muscles of an individual and result in body ache. So, it is vital for a person to consume protein rich foods in limit, to prevent the symptoms of arthritis.

Effect Of Bad Carbs On The Joints

Refined or bad carbohydrates have a very harmful impact on the health of the joints. Foods like chips, sugar, and white bread contain bad carbs which may ruin the overall health, including the health of the bones and joints.

On the contrary, foods which contain unrefined or good carbs like whole grain cereals and whole grain pastas are healthy for the joints. These foods are anti-inflammatory in nature and help in maintaining good health of the joints. Addition of garlic, olive oil, chicken breasts, and broccoli to whole grain foods would be an added advantage.

Impact Of Green Vegetables And Fresh Fruits On Joints

A healthy diet for getting rid of joint pain should certainly focus on increased intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables. These foods are rich in anti inflammatory properties and antioxidants, which are exceedingly beneficial for the bones and joints. Bright colored foods are preferred choices as compared to others. The restrictions include nightshade vegetables like potatoes, eggplant, red peppers, and green peppers.

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