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Aspects Of Diet During Pregnancy

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11 January, 2012

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Pregnancy is a critical stage of life, in which a woman needs to take proper care of her health. A healthy and fit baby would be born, if a woman makes sure to take care of all the health related aspects during the pregnancy phase.

The health of the baby is primarily dependent upon the health of the mother.

The most important aspect of healthy pregnancy is healthy and nutritious diet. A woman needs to eat all nutritious foods, so that the baby attains all vital minerals and vitamins for proper development and growth.

Diet during pregnancy should contain all healthy foods and drinks like green vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, fish, nuts, and fruit juices. Also, there are a few other diet related aspects which should be followed by the pregnant ladies to keep in good health. This article focuses on all the aspects of diet during pregnancy.

Diet Tips During Pregnancy

Healthy Foods

The diet of the pregnant ladies should encompass all healthy foods, in order to feed the baby appropriately. All kinds of junk foods and fast foods should be eliminated from the diet plan. Also preserved and processed foods should not be there in the diet program of pregnant women.

Eat Healthy Foods

Alcoholic drinks, caffeinated products, and raw seafood should not be incorporated in the diet of pregnant ladies.  The diet of pregnant women should contain foods like milk, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cereals, nuts, meat, fish, and poultry.

It is also said that a pregnant lady should not forego her desire of eating anything. In such a case, if she wants to eat something unhealthy, then it should be consumed in limits only.


Water should form a major constituent in the diet of pregnant ladies. In order to get rid of all the toxins from the body, it is very important to drink lot of water daily.


Further, the hydration level of both baby and mother would be maintained with the help of ingestion of ample water on regular basis. The health of the digestive system would also be maintained.

Meal Plan

Apart from concentrating on the consumption of lot of water daily and eating healthy foods, a pregnant woman should also develop a proper meal plan to remain in good health. The stomach of the pregnant lady should not remain empty; else there may be hunger cramps.

Smaller Meals

The problem of acidity may also arise due to empty stomach. Therefore, it is suggested to eat something after a short interval of every two hours. This would keep the stomach full, and would prevent gastric attack and hunger cramps.

Also, appropriate digestive health would be maintained if the entire day’s meal is divided into several small portions. Five to six small sized meals are always better than regular three big meals. Due to the importance of eating something after a gap of every two hours, women should not forget the role of healthy eating.

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