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Anti Inflammatory Food Diet For Keeping Diseases At Bay

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1 December, 2011

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Anti Inflammatory Food dietIn general, inflammation of the body can be considered as part of the healing process when the body is trying to heal after an injury or disease. But, anything in excess is harmful for the body and inflammation too is no different in such a case. Inflammation may lead to heart diseases, asthma and arthritis which are all difficult conditions to live with.

Though certain inflammatory conditions are not curable, much relief can be attained through diet control and intake of anti inflammatory foods. Anti inflammatory foods are those foods that help in reducing or preventing inflammation of the body and protecting the body from triggers than can lead to diseases. Here are some perfect anti inflammation foods that can be added to your diet.

Best Anti Inflammatory Foods

Foods Rich In Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are nutrients that are received from plants which help in keeping inflammation at bay. They also have many disease fighting properties and hence entirely good for your overall health.

Anti Inflammatory Food

Most colourful vegetables and fruits like dark green vegetables, rich red tomatoes, yellow pumpkins, carrots, berries etc. are all rich sources and can be included in your diet. As phytonutrients lose most of their good properties if cooked in high temperatures, remember to only eat them raw or just steam them lightly before eating.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Contrary to common belief that all fats are harmful for your health, there are certain fats that are essential for our body to fight diseases and protect us from inflammation.

Anti Inflammatory Food

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This is omega 3 fatty acids which can be obtained from seafood like tuna, salmon etc., nuts, flax seeds, olive oil etc. They can be added in your daily diet for complete protection form inflammatory diseases.


Antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen our immune system. Many fruits as well as vegetables have great antioxidants that help in fighting diseases and inflammations of our body.

Anti Inflammatory Food

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Beverages like green tea, black tea and red wine too have antioxidant properties and can help in reducing inflammatory symptoms of the body.


Several spices are known to have great antioxidant qualities and help in reducing inflammations of the body. Turmeric is one of the greatest spices that are known for its anti inflammatory properties. They can be added to our cooked food and help in increasing the flavour as well.

Anti Inflammatory Food

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Other rich spices that we generally use for flavouring are garlic and ginger which too have great anti inflammatory properties and also help us in fighting numerous common ailments. Ginger and garlic has many heart benefits as well and can be included in your diet on a daily basis.


Protein is essential for development of muscles and optimum functioning of vital organs of our body. While red meat may not be entirely good for protein intake, plant sources and other sources like fish, poultry etc. are good for the body as they are anti inflammatory in nature. Beans, soya beans, legumes, dairy products that are low fat etc. can be considered as good for an anti inflammatory diet.

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