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Absolute Cures For A Hangover

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6 December, 2011

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Massive hangovers can disrupt your entire schedule and lead you to great discomfort. Most of us have experienced how a hangover feels after a hard night of partying and binge drinking. If you have an important appointment that you cannot miss and want to do away with your blues, here are some quick fix solutions for hangovers.

Absolute Cures For A Hangover


As soon as you turn in after an exhausting night out, take a banana and eat slowly while you relax. You may take two if possible. Bananas are fibrous and help you digest the food adequately without going into a hangover.

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Allow an hour for the bananas to slowly digest before you head off for other tasks. By then you would have cured your symptoms of hangover, much before it can surface completely. You may use a banana milk shake as well for this purpose. Milk calms the stomach and is an excellent remedy for hangover.


Water can help you get away from a hangover. The next day morning, wash your mouth thoroughly and drink 2 to 3 glasses of water. Water helps in flushing your stomach off the ill effects of alcohol and other beverages that you have consumed in excess.


As dehydration is the most common cause of hangovers related to alcohol intake, drinking plenty of water is the only solution you need for getting out of a hangover.


Many of us will be left with a tired body and an upset stomach when we have a hangover. To make matters worse, there would be a nagging headache which too can be very bothering. Taking some coffee can help in such cases.

Stop Caffeine

A cup of hot coffee helps in reducing your headache and stimulating your brain for alertness. The hot liquid can also help sooth your tired spirits and help you get back to normalcy faster. Bailey’s Irish coffee is known to be the best cure for extreme hangovers and can be taken to relieve headaches and stomach upsets.

Hot Shower

Taking a shower in hot water can help in reducing pain and headache immediately. Allow the hot water to drip down your neck, head and other areas that are aching. You can also soak yourself in the hot tub for half an hour and relax to get away from the hangover. Most people find this an excellent solution to remove hangovers the next morning.

Hot Shower

High Protein Breakfast

A breakfast that is high in protein and fat, but non greasy like fried boneless and skinless chicken, scrambled eggs etc. helps in curing hangovers that extend to the mornings.

Precautions To Prevent Hangovers

It also helps if you take some basic precautions to prevent a hangover like eating a high fat meal before drinking, taking full cream milk after taking alcohol etc. Try sticking to alcoholic drinks that are clear like vodka or gin and avoid going for mixed beverages as it can increase the intensity of your hangover.

Prevent Hangovers

Fatigue is the aftermath of a hangover and hence it helps if you catch up on good and uninterrupted sleep after a hangover so that the body recovers without much effort.

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