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9 Natural Treatments For Toothache

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2 August, 2011

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9 Natural Treatments For ToothacheAn aching tooth is all you need to disrupt your entire schedule! Toothache is unpredictable and can surface at all unearthly hours. For the ones who have gone through them, the severity of the pain is all too familiar.

Toothache does not just concentrate on the teeth, but spreads to other surrounding tissues as well like the gums and also the jaws. Toothache is caused when there is a decaying tooth or a gum that has reached its limits and need to be evacuated completely to prevent the spread of decay to other teeth as well.

What are the factors that cause toothache? Several factors are in fact responsible for a severe toothache. Sometimes a crack in the tooth can cause the nerves to be exposed causing toothache. Decaying of teeth is another common reason for an achy tooth.

Other factors that cause toothache are certain types of gum diseases and cavities in the tooth. Last but not the least, poor maintenance of teeth too can cause toothache due to build up of bacteria and plaque.

Several home remedies offer great solace when you are down with a toothache late into the night. These remedies can control the pain to a certain extent. Some of these remedies are good for long term protection of the teeth and gums and preventing toothaches from appearing.

Natural Treatments For Toothache

Treatment Of Toothache With Garlic

Garlic has great antibacterial properties and hence can be used for treating toothaches due to bacterial and microbial action. Crush a garlic clove and add some rock salt along with it. Place it on the decayed tooth and keep it in place by biting on them.

Garlic will kill all the bacterial action in your mouth and stop the toothache that has been causing you sleepless nights. Allicin which is present in garlic acts as an antibiotic and provides relief from toothache. Continue the application of garlic every few hours until the pain subsides.

Treatment Of Toothache With Onion

Onion has strong antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria in the mouth that is causing toothache. Chew some onion slices in your mouth for three minutes every day to remove all the bacteria from the mouth.

For aching teeth, place the slices on the affected tooth and keep biting or chewing on them so that the juices prevent bacterial action and the pain. Chew raw onions every day to prevent all teeth and gum related disorders.

Treatment Of Toothache With Lime

Being a citrus fruit, lime is rich in vitamin C and helps in preventing and controlling many teeth related disorders effectively. Vitamin C in lime not only helps in fighting the tooth decay but is also beneficial in preventing diseases of the gums and dental caries which could be the reason for your toothache.

9 Natural Treatments For Toothache

Take one small lime and bite with the decayed teeth. Keep the lime in the biting position to allow its action to take place. Immediate relief follows. You can also chew on the lime without peeling its skin. The lower acidity level in lime and its higher concentration of vitamin C make it a better remedy for toothache than lemon in any case.

Treatment Of Toothache With Asafoetida

This little known remedy is very potent and cures toothache completely. Take asafoetida and mix the powder along with some lemon juice to form a paste. Apply on the aching tooth with a cotton ball. Asafoetida can also be used without adding lemon. For this, take clarified butter and add to a pan. Heat the butter and add a pinch of asafoetida into it. Fry it and then apply on the tooth.

Treatment Of Toothache With Wheat Grass

Wheat grass can be used for chewing when you have decaying teeth which is causing the pain. Chewing wheat grass will also remove all the toxic substances from the mouth which could be lodged inside the mouth. Wheatgrass acts as an antiseptic and kills all the germs and infections in the teeth and the mouth.

A mouthwash can be prepared with wheatgrass and used for swishing and gargling your mouth every day morning and night in order to prevent tooth decay and pain in the teeth.

Treatment Of Toothache With Cloves

The use of cloves in curing toothache is a grandma’s remedy that we are all familiar with. A clove can be crushed and kept on the aching tooth until the pain subsides. Clove can also remove bacteria from the mouth, preventing further decaying of the teeth. Clove oil too is good for application on the tooth directly to remove pain.

Treatment Of Toothache With Pepper And Salt

A mixture of salt and pepper acts as a dentrifice, cleaning all the bacteria and toxins inside the mouth and preventing infections and decay of the teeth. Pepper can also prevent bad breath with frequent usage and hence a wonderful remedy for general hygiene and prevention of dental disorders on the whole.

Grind some fresh pepper corns and add some salt to it. Leave it on the tooth which causes pain. Replace with fresh mixture every few hours and continue until you have completely removed the tooth ache and associated symptoms.

Treatment Of Toothache With Bay Berry

Grind the bark of bay berry and make a paste of it with vinegar. This is a great remedy for making the gums strong and also for relieving the pain. Bay berry coves are added in most of the toothpastes as it can prevent toothaches and other infections.

It contains a potent compound that acts as a numbing agent that can remove pain. They are also antiseptic in nature and a great remedy for all kinds of toothache and infections of the gums.

Treatment Of Toothache With Ice Pack

For gums that are swollen due to infection and also to relieve the pain associated with the infection and decay of the tooth, an ice pack can be applied externally on the outside of your cheeks. This will numb the pain and also relieve the swelling, giving temporary relief from pain.

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