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8 Natural Remedies For Mosquito Bites

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12 August, 2011

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8 Natural Remedies For Mosquito BitesMosquitoes are all over the place and none of us can claim that we are completely immune to mosquitoes. They can bite us any time of the day depending on the species and spread a multitude of diseases which can be a disaster in some cases.

Though in most cases, we do not have to do anything much for a mosquito bite, sometimes the affected skin gets infected when the bacteria that is left on the surface enters the small cuts or peels on the skin. Therefore, it is always better to do something about mosquito bites rather than suffer later.

Soap Water

The first thing that has to be done after a mosquito bite is to wash the skin surface with an anti bacterial soap and clean it with water. This will prevent any bacterial infection on the skin. This is not something that we do when we are bitten by a mosquito. But it surely helps to keep the germs at bay.

Ice Compress

All kinds of bites can sometimes trigger an allergic action due to the action of histamines in the body. To prevent allergy outbreaks on the skin, a natural antihistamine like an ice compress can be used. Place an ice on the affected skin or use a cloth soaked in ice water to relieve the skin from swelling and itching.


For treating mosquito bites, you can also use ammonia that is used for household purposes. Ammonia can be dabbed directly on the skin to prevent allergic manifestation and swelling of the skin due to a mosquito bite.


Probably the easiest and simplest remedy for mosquito bite, toothpaste is available in all houses. Squeeze a pea sized toothpaste on the affected skin and leave it on to dry. If it is a peppermint toothpaste, the skin will be cooled and itching will be masked to a great extent.

Calamine Lotion

When a mosquito bites you, it is the mostly the itch that unbearable. For stopping the itch even before it surfaces, spread calamine lotion generously on the affected area. Leave the lotion on the skin so that it dries the area and prevents inflammation and itching.

Bar Soap

Rubbing a bar soap that is dry is said to relieve the itching and swelling on the skin by preventing the histamines from reaching the skin surface. Probably it is the action of the detergents in the bar soap that does the trick. Rubbing bar soap will also prevent bacterial attack on the skin.

Deo Spray

The most instant thing you can do to stop the itch caused by a mosquito bite is to spray some deodorant on the itchy skin. The deodorant will exert its alcoholic action on the skin and stop the itching immediately.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Being an antibacterial agent and acidic in nature, apple cider will immediately destroy all the germs that could be present on your skin as a result of mosquito bite. Apply immediately for great results.

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