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8 Home Remedies For Hot Flashes

by:  in Category : Women's Health

2 August, 2011

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8 Home Remedies For Hot FlashesWomen need not be introduced to menopause. It is a natural process that all women have to undergo during the latter part of forties. Menopausal symptoms that trouble women during this time are many. The most common and distressing would be hot flashes

When a woman experiences hot flashes, the body temperature rises suddenly leading to profuse sweating. The upper body and face are more susceptible to hot flashes.

The fact that hot flashes can surface any time of the day makes it a symptom that many women can do without. They are however more common during the night which makes them even more problematic as they almost always disrupt your sleep and lead to tiredness and irritability in the morning.

The low levels of estrogen in the body caused by menopause are what cause hot flashes. They are thankfully a temporary symptom which fades away with time when the body has adjusted to the changes associated with menopause. But until they last, hot flashes can traumatize a woman beyond imagination.

Unfortunately, many women do not know that there are excellent natural remedies for treating hot flashes and many other symptoms of menopause. If you are looking for some natural remedies for hot flashes, here are a few of them put together for your convenience.

Natural Ways To Cure Hot Flashes

Remove Triggers To Prevent Hot Flashes

Most women who experience hot flashes frequently do not understand that it is the external settings that cause them and not the internal hormone deficiencies that cause them all the time. External factors like a hot room, a hot bed and the clothes that you wear too can make you susceptible to hot flashes as you are already predisposed to them due to menopause.

To prevent frequent attacks, make sure that the surroundings where your rest and sleep are cool enough and do not overheat your body. Wear light weight cotton clothes and leave the room cool by opening the windows or switching on the fan or the AC.

Vitamin E to Prevent Hot Flashes

When you experience hot flashes, there are many other things too that trouble you like a disturbed sleep pattern, tiredness due to lack of sleep and irritability due to tiredness. Therefore hot flashes need to be treated and controlled to prevent all these troubles.

Taking vitamin E supplements are known to remove hormone problems that create hot flashes. Take adequate vitamin E and include it in your diet to provide relief to your body. It is best to consult your doctor for checking for any vitamin K deficiency before you take vitamin E as taking vitamin E when you have Vitamin K deficiency will lead to uterine bleeding.

Soy Supplements To Prevent Hot Flashes

As hot flashes are caused due to the decreased estrogen levels in the body, a natural estrogen identical substance can reduce the severity of hot flashes.

8 Home Remedies For Hot Flashes

Soy products with isoflavones are known to have estrogen identical substances that can remove the estrogen deficiency from your body and stop the symptoms from appearing. Soy supplements as well as a soy diet can be used for facilitating well being when you have attained menopause.

Use Of Herbs To Prevent Hot Flashes

A number of herbs can help deal with hot flashes. To combat estrogen deficiency in the body and to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, herbs like black cohosh and red clover can be used. These herbs are available for consumption as capsules and can be taken in quantities of 80 mg to remove the estrogen deficiency from the body.

Two other herbs of interest that can offer relief from hot flashes are licorice and ginseng. 100 mg of licorice and ginseng can be administered to a menopausal woman every day in order to control hot flashes. It is always best to use herbs after consulting a herbalist as many of them can cause side effects like bleeding etc.

Progesterone Creams To Prevent Hot Flashes

Progesterone is another hormone which sees a reduction after menopause. This too is a cause that leads to hot flashes in women. Naturally occurring progesterone can be used for removing the deficiency during menopause. Progesterone can be extracted naturally from wild yarns. Creams made from this naturally occurring progesterone can be used for massaging on the body to prevent hot flashes.

Massage into the body in circular motion so that the progesterone gets absorbed into the body through the skin. Apply the cream every day for maximum benefit.

Avoid Obesity To Prevent Hot Flashes

After pregnancy, most women gain a lot of weight without any control. Once they attain menopause, the weight gain becomes the major cause for hot flashes. The layers of fat in the body cause more heat to be generated in the body, aggravating hot flashes.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your weight under check in order to prevent and reduce hot flashes and also to remain healthy. Exercise some control on the food that you take. Go for a low fat diet that is rich in essential minerals and vitamins that are required for a healthy body after menopause. Exercising is also important to keep your weight under check. Find time for at least 15 minutes of exercise.

Stop Smoking And Drinking To Prevent Hot Flashes

If you have these bad habits, at least menopause is the time when you must stop these habits without fail. Consumption of alcohol can heat up your body and lead to frequent disturbances of hot flashes. Another habit that needs to be taken care of is smoking.

Smoking leads to constriction of blood vessels and resultant heating of the body, leading to hot flashes. Smoking must be stopped in order to prevent the lungs from damage as well.

Wear Layered Clothes To Prevent Hot Flashes

Wearing layers of clothing at night will help in providing instant relief when you have hot flashes by removing each layer. Wear layers of clothes when you sleep at night and also while exercising to prevent overheating of the body.

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