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7 Natural Ways To Treat Menopause

by:  in Category : Women's Health

3 August, 2011

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7 Natural Ways To Treat MenopauseNature has programmed a woman’s monthly cycle in such a way that she can remain reproductive until well into her early or late forties. After that the monthly cycle diminishes slowly and stops finally. The closure of monthly cycle in a woman is known as menopause.

Once the woman reaches menopause, she is no longer fertile and cannot reproduce anymore. Though this rule of nature has been challenged by man by inventing novel ways to make a woman conceive even after menopause, man so far has not been able to reverse menopause in any way.

The retirement years of women from reproduction are in no way a happy one. There are way too many bothering problems and disorders that are associated with menopause and most women suffer a lot during their menopausal days.

But just as nature has created all these programmes in women, she has also been proactive in creating natural herbs and methods by which these symptoms can be alleviated and sometimes completely stopped. All we need to do is to find out how best we can use natural cures to treat menopause symptoms.

The symptoms of menopause that trouble women are night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, palpitations, headaches and many other small and big associated problems. Most women suffer these symptoms and undergo harmful treatment methods like hormone replacement therapy because they do not know about the benefits of natural cures. Here are some natural cures for menopause.

Treatment Of Menopause With The Right Nutrition

When you reach menopause, there are a number of hormone changes in the body as a result of ovaries stopping hormone production. The worst of all deficiencies during this time is that of calcium. Calcium deficiency after menopause leads to diseases like osteoporosis and thinning of bones. Therefore, as soon as you reach menopause, or when you start feeling the symptoms of menopause, you must take calcium supplements.

Next, we have to take care of adequate vitamin D in the body which is essential for proper absorption of calcium. Along with that, magnesium is another mineral which is required for bone health. All these three vitamins will ensure that you stay healthy during menopause.

Treatment Of Menopause With Carrot Seeds

Just as carrot is used as a great treatment for sexual problems, carrot seeds too are beneficial for treating menopause in women. For using carrot seeds, take one teaspoon of carrot seeds and combine it with one glass of milk. Boil the milk and carrot together in a low flame for 10 minutes. Drinking this strong milk with carrot seeds will keep away many of the symptoms associated with menopause in women.

Treatment Of Menopause With Beet

Taking beet juices every day will prevent you from feeling the symptoms associated with menopause. This will also prevent you from having to take hormone replacement therapy, which has become a fad in today’s world.

HRT has many side effects and can trigger a hormone related cancer in your body like breast cancer. Drink beet juice every day after menopause and stay away from therapies that can cause life threatening diseases.

Treatment Of Menopause With Simple Exercises

Some of the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and panic attacks can be controlled very well with relaxation and exercises. The exercises will not only keep you away from the stress associated with menopause, but also provide strength to the body and mind.

7 Natural Ways To Treat Menopause

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Simple meditation can be practiced by lying on a comfortable surface and allowing your mind to ease all worries and problems, leaving it completely blank. Keeping your eyes closed, count slowly from one to ten, and then from ten backwards till one.

Another exercise that will help you remove the bad air that is trapped in the lungs is to breathe in and breathe out. When you breathe in, count till 5. Hold the air inside your lungs till you count till five again. Now exhale slowly until you count till ten. This will eliminate the excess air inside the lungs, leaving your lungs cleansed and free of toxins.

Treatment Of Hot Flashes During Menopause

Hot flashes trouble most women who have had menopause. This symptom arises due to the reduced estrogen levels in the body. If you suddenly feel hot all over your body, especially the upper body and face, making you sweat profusely, then you are experiencing hot flashes.

Hot flashes can be treated with vitamin E supplements. Other remedies for this symptom include consuming soy supplements, flax seeds, progesterone supplements and creams, using evening primrose oil and also controlling your weight; the more fat deposit in your body, the more hot you feel. A herbal tea made of black cohosh is also a good remedy for treating this symptom of menopause.

Treatment Of Sleeplessness During Menopause

Several reasons lead to sleeplessness during the initial months of menopause. It could be due to the night sweats, hot flashes, anxiety and stress that you encounter during these days. As sleeplessness can lead to other disturbing problems as well, it has to be adequately treated to prevent related problems.

A herbal remedy for treating sleeplessness during menopause is evening primrose. It is available as capsules in herbal shops and according to the advice of a herbalist, you can consume for 2 to 8 capsules depending on the severity of sleeplessness that you encounter.

Treatment Of Night Sweats During Menopause

Night sweats are the most common problem that leads to disturbed sleep in many women. Night sweats can be so terrible that you will be completely drenched in sweat. For treating night sweats, you can use motherwort.

When you are disturbed by night sweats, take around fifteen drops of motherwort and drink it along with a glass or two of water. Chaste berry can be used during the menopause months every day to reduce the episodes of night sweats and finally offer complete relief from the symptom.

Menopause is a natural phenomenon which cannot be changed. Therefore, treat the symptoms too with natural methods. This will ensure that you remain hail and hearty all throughout your menopausal days.

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