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7 Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism

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12 August, 2011

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7 Home Remedies For HypothyroidismThyroid disorders, especially underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism affect millions of people worldwide. The shocking fact is that most cases remain undiagnosed. A person suffering from hypothyroidism fails to produce enough thyroid hormones like the T3 and T4 which are essential for the proper metabolic functions of the body.

The metabolism starts slowing down and the person starts feeling  lethargic, gains weight and feels other difficulties like intolerance to cold, irregular periods, muscle cramps, dry and brittle nails and hair, constipation and depression.

Hypothyroidism in children must especially be detected early as it blocks mental and physical development. One can try home remedies if the hypothyroidism is not autoimmune in nature.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids that help in regulating thyroid functions among many other things. Women are especially prone to hypothyroidism after menopause. Taking one teaspoon of flax seed oil can help regulate all kinds of hormone functions in the body. Flax seeds can be chewed and eaten which is safer than the oil.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil too is an essential oil that can be used for treating hypothyroidism and regulating the function of thyroid glands. One teaspoon can be consumed every day for best results. As this too is an essential oil, flax seed oil and evening primrose oil can be mixed together and one teaspoon taken every day to enjoy the benefits of both.


L’tyrosine is an amino acid that can regulate the release of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland. Take L’tyrosine in adequate amounts with the guidance of a herbalist or doctor on an empty stomach two times a day.


There are certain exercises of the neck area which can improve the blood flow to the thyroid gland. These exercises activate the thyroid gland and removes instances of thyroid deficiency in the body.

7 Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism

Lie on the floor with arms on your sides. Now slowly inhale and lift your head from the floor. Tuck the head into your chest while lifting both the legs too off the floor without bending your knees. Move the legs up to a vertical position and then start exhaling and lowering your head and legs back to the previous position. Relax for a few minutes and repeat.

Black Walnut

A person who is hypothyroid is deficient in iodine. Organic iodine can be got from black walnut and hence must be consumed in plenty. Black walnuts help in stimulating the glands to release natural thyroid hormone and remove hypothyroidism in the person.

Estrogen Supplements

Hypothyroidism during menopause is mostly due to the deficiency of estrogen hormone. In such cases natural estrogens can be supplied to the body to combat the deficiency and stimulate the thyroid gland to function normally. Vitex Agnus Castus, Black Cohosh etc. are herbs that can help in regulating thyroid function by providing estrogen to the body.


Known to be the greatest source of iodine, seaweeds can be consumed by patients suffering from hypothyroidism. One such sea weed is bladder wrack. Bladder wrack supplements can be taken twice a day in quantities of 100 mg in the morning and evening.

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