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7 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

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29 November, 2011

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Causes Of Erectile DysfunctionResearch suggests that at least ten percent of the male population suffers from impotence and sexual dysfunction problems. The reasons can be attributed to a number of factors which can be diseases, nerve damage, surgery, lifestyle etc. The good news is that many of these problems can be treated effectively and men can lead a normal life in most cases.

For getting timely and proper treatment for erectile dysfunction, one must be aware of the causes that lead to this condition. Discussed below are some of the most common problems that cause erectile dysfunction.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Medical Problems

A number of medical problems can lead to erectile dysfunction. This would include, high blood pressure, heart problems like arteriosclerosis, diabetes, damages to the nerves that restrict blood flow to the penis, obesity due to medical conditions etc. Many of these conditions can be kept under control through proper medications and erectile dysfunction.

Intake Of Certain Medications

Certain conditions like depression and hypertension requires medications that could tamper with your ability to attain an erection. If medications are causing erectile problems for you, you can talk to your doctor about alterations in the treatment which will do away with the problem.

Hormone Problems

Hormone problems in the body can cause a lot of discomfort in men as well as women. In men, testosterone is a hormone that is required for the overall sexual health of a man. Low levels of testosterone in a man’s body can lead to problems in getting an erection. This problem can be rectified through intake of hormones or treatment of underlying conditions that cause lower hormone levels.

Effects Of Narcotics

Men who use narcotics have trouble attaining and also sustaining an erection. Constant use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs etc. can cause severe and sometimes permanent damage to the nerves and also affect the mental alertness, physical capacities and ability to perform sexual acts.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

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These effects can be reversed when the narcotics causing these problems are stopped and the person gets back to normalcy.

Psychological Causes

Though not all, many erectile problems can be caused due to a purely mental problem. This can be due to extreme stress, anxiety, mental and psychological problems etc. which can affect your general health and ability to perform sexual acts as well.

Surgical Causes

Surgery that is connected to prostate problems and cancer, surgery to rectify bladder and urinary system problems etc. have chances of causing permanent nerve damage that causes erectile dysfunction. This will prevent the flow of blood to the penis and resultant inability in getting an erection.

Physical Problems

Certain physical problems related to illnesses can cause erectile dysfunction. This can be prostate cancer, kidney related problems like kidney stones, vascular disorders and disorders of the nerves too can cause erectile dysfunction. Injuries that are caused in the bladder, spine and pelvic region too can cause ED. Older men are more susceptible to such problems as their nerves are more prone to degeneration.

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