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6 Ways To Naturally Enhance The Female Libido

by:  in Category : Women's Health

13 October, 2011

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Naturally Enhance The Female LibidoFemale libido is one of the most deciding factors that can offer tremendous satisfaction to the entire sexual act. Most women are known to have a sexual desire that is toned down and gradually moves on a downhill as time passes. While men resort to pills like Vi@gr@ for improving their sexual urge, there is very little women can do or are willing to do.

But when it comes to natural methods for increasing female libido, women are naturally interested due to the privacy that is offers. If you are looking for some natural methods by which you can increase female libido, below are certain herbs that you can try.

Natural Female Libido Enhancing Methods


An amino acid that is present in many natural foods, l’arginine helps in treating a medley of sexual problems in men and women. L’arginine produces nitric oxide which is essential for the elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn enhances the flow of blood through the arteries. The sexual organs will be stimulated enough for a heightened sexual satisfaction with the intake of l’arginine. It can be taken as supplements and through food.


An immensely popular Indian herb which is used for treating a host of sexual disorders, aswagandha is very beneficial for female reproductive health. Once a woman has healthy sex organs, her natural libido will be enhanced. Stress is associated with low sexual interest. Taking aswagandha can also reduce cortisol, a stress hormone which can tamper with sexual desire. Aswagandha can also increase the fertility of a woman along with her sex drive.

Dong Quai

A Chinese herb that is used for increasing the libido of women, dong quai is referred to as female ginseng which is popularly used for treating menstrual cramps and related disorders. Intake of dong quai will help in regulating the hormone fluctuations in a woman which too can hamper sex drive.


Yohimbe is a herb that is taken from the bark of an African tree. The herb has been extensively used for treating sexual disorders. Yohimbe can also help in getting sexual excitement in men and women. Women are known to have greater orgasms due to the enlargement of the vaginal area with the intake of yohimbe.

Licorice Root

Many women who are on the road to menopause might have problems like vagina dryness which is a result of estrogen deficiency in their body. Licorice root helps in increasing sexual urge in women and also acts as a natural way to enhance lubrication. Improvement in lubrication will lead to increased sexual pleasure for both men and women.

Wild Yam

Wild yam is full of natural estrogen hormones and can help in combating problems associated with menopause. It is known to stimulate female sexual urges if taken consistently. Estrogen fluctuation can cause sexual interests to diminish n women. Wild yam can be taken as pills or in liquid form.

All herbs must be taken only after consultation with a herbalist as it can block the efficacy of other medicines you could be taking for various conditions.

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