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6 Rightful Ways To Treat Candida Naturally

by:  in Category : Women's Health

17 August, 2011

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6 Rightful Ways To Treat Candida NaturallyCandida albicans is a fungal yeast infection that is very common among women. Candida is naturally found in the intestine of all human beings and in majority of the cases do not cause any reason to be bothered about.  However, they can sometimes cultivate uncontrollably and cause infections in the body.

Candida infections mostly affect the oral cavity and the genital areas. The common method of treatment is with antibiotics. But this treatment method destroys the good bacteria in the body which can again make a conducive environment for the yeast to thrive.

Many women must be happy to know that candida infections can be treated using naturally occurring substances. These treatment options are proven and well accepted methods for curing candida.

Natural Remedies For Candida


Probiotics help in destroying the bad set of bacteria in your body and providing it with good bacteria to fight candida effectively.  Drink several cups of yoghurt a day. For vaginal candida infections yoghurt can be inserted inside using a tampon. Acidophilus capsules can be used as suppositories in case yoghurt is not an option.

Juice Of Cranberry

Cranberry is rumoured to have antibiotic qualities. It is also quite acidic which makes it a great option for creating a hostile acidic environment for the yeast, making it recede in no time. For treating candida, drink cranberry juice without any sweetening agents or preservatives two times every day. Slowly the yeast infection will be removed from your body.

Vitamin Remedy

Most of the time candida infections are caused when your immunity is very weak. When the immune system responds strongly to candida, it can no longer stay active. Include food rich in vitamin C to strengthen your immune system response and consume supplements in the right quantities to fight candida.

Grapefruit Seed

Thrush, which is a candida infection of the oral cavity is very common among newborns and breastfeeding mothers. Thrush can be set right with grapefruit seed extract. Fill your mouth with this extract and hold it inside for 5 minutes before drinking. All kinds of bacteria and fungi will be destroyed with this, including thrush.


For vaginal yeast infections caused by candida, garlic capsules can be used as suppositories and consumed internally as well. Garlic can be crushed and rubbed on the candida yeast to prevent its spread. Doing this every day will dislodge the bacteria from the mouth and genital area. Garlic oil too can be used for this purpose.


Coconut oil is a natural anti fungal agent and also helps in preventing thrush from spreading. Apply coconut oil on the mother’s breast while feeding the baby to prevent mother to baby transmission. Coconut oil can be directly applied on the areas of infection including the mouth of the baby as well as the mother, as frequently as required.

With incessant application, you would have busted the yeast infection and also prevented the baby from contracting it while you breastfeed. The fatty layer of coconut oil controls the spread of candida yeast and protects your baby from the infection.

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