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5 Natural Cures For Tinnitus That Can Be Relied Upon

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18 August, 2011

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5 Natural Cures For Tinnitus That Can Be Relied UponProbably all of us have experienced the symptoms of tinnitus at least once without realising what it is. Tinnitus appears when we are suddenly startled by a loud noise; way too loud that it causes a ringing sound inside our ears. For some people this symptom is for keeps.

They experience it all throughout the day and at times night, leaving their lives completely in disarray. Tinnitus occurs when a person has allergic manifestations like cold. Infections of the ear, high pitch voices, too much wax accumulation in the ear and sometimes misalignment of the jaw bones too can cause tinnitus.

For patients suffering from tinnitus, it is an endless struggle as there is no known cure for treating the condition. However, natural remedies come as a breath of fresh air as they can control the symptoms greatly.

Vitamin B

Very often, tinnitus can be a result of deficiencies of B vitamin, especially vitamin B12. In such cases, taking vitamin supplements and including food that is rich in vitamin B will put an end to tinnitus. Vitamin B12 deficiency is mostly the cause of tinnitus that occurs when a person hears very high pitch noises.


Zinc is an essential mineral for the proper function of the auditory system.  High amounts of zinc are present inside the ears and also in the nerve synapses. When a person has zinc deficiency, he could get a constant ringing in the ear.  Check your mineral levels in the body if you suspect a deficiency. If tinnitus is due to zinc deficiency, zinc supplements have to be taken in adequate quantities to get rid of the problem.


Deficiency of magnesium is another common reason that a person could experience tinnitus in the ear. If your tinnitus is due to magnesium deficiency, include plenty of food that contains great amounts of magnesium and also supplements can be taken along with the food to put an end to the symptoms of tinnitus.


A wild variety of oregano has proved to be wonderfully beneficial for curing tinnitus. For tinnitus, the person can think about taking a full cup of oregano every day. An infusion prepared from oregano can also be used for treating tinnitus. Fill a cup with dried oregano leaves and boil it with one cup of water. Lower the flame and boil for 5 minutes. Strain the infusion and drink it when it becomes cool.


Tinnitus can also be caused when a person’s body has poor circulation of blood. Herbs like ginkgo biloba can help in increasing the blood circulation, especially towards the brain which improves the response of the brain towards the messages sent by the nerves. This will prevent tinnitus of the ears and provide great improvement and relief to the patient.

Diet Changes

Few changes have to be made in the diet when you have tinnitus. Alcohol and caffeinated foods can aggravate the condition. Intake of fruits like almonds and apples which contain salicylate too must be avoided as they are known to make the symptoms worse.

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