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13 Fast & Natural Treatments For Hiccups

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26 July, 2011

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13 Fast Natural Treatments For HiccupsHiccups are involuntary contractions that creep up in the muscles of the diaphragm when they are irritated. Hiccups are not a disease or disorder. Apart from the fact that they can be an annoying symptom, in most cases they just repair on their own without causing much discomfort to the person.

When these sudden contractions in the diaphragm occur, the opening in between the vocal chords is closed, causing the very familiar sound associated with hiccups. Hiccups become a problem when they are connected with some major ailment like pneumonia, diseases of the kidneys and other nerve irritations in the diaphragm associated with hernia and other conditions.

They also occur when the toxic levels in the body increases. Hiccups are sometimes very mysterious as they can be triggered without any reason at all. There are no treatments for hiccups as such as the reasons that cause hiccups vary greatly.

However there are certain simple home remedies that can offer relief from hiccups if they are of a harmless variety. If the hiccups do not stop with these home remedies and continue for many hours without much relief, it is advised to seek the opinion of a doctor and find out the cause behind it without delay.

Home Remedies For Hiccups

Water For Stopping Hiccups

Most of the hiccups remedies are pretty simple and can be done wherever you are. Using water is one of the most common and effective methods used for stopping hiccups on the way. Sometimes hiccups can be the result of build up of toxins in the body. Drinking water will remove the toxins from the body and help in stopping the hiccups as well when you gulp down the water quickly.

Using ice water is another popular remedy. Ice water gives a jolt to your irritated nerves and help in stopping the hiccups immediately. Sip ice water as quickly as possible to stop hiccups in no time.

Soda Water For Stopping Hiccups

Drinking soda water is another fast home remedy for stopping hiccups. Soda water will release gas through a big burp and stop hiccups altogether when drunk quickly. Burping is a sure way to stop hiccups.

Red Wine And Sugar For Stopping Hiccups

Sounds unpleasant, but there’s no harm in trying it as a remedy if you have them right near you. Take a tablespoon of sugar and add one teaspoon of red wine into it. Swallow it as soon as you can. The swallowing action itself is a great way to stop hiccups.

Lemon For Stopping Hiccups

The sourness of lemon in our mouth will make us wince and swallow hard which will stop hiccups. For this remedy, you must use lemon juice without water.

Hiccups are an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and hence another spasm of the muscles, namely the spasm created when we wince and swallow lemon juice is all you need for stopping hiccups.

Sugar For Stopping Hiccups

Sugar is very sweet and can conquer the taste buds at the back of your tongue, stopping hiccups right away. The theory behind this is that the taste buds at the back of the tongue are for sensing sourness. Too much sugar in this area will again be a shock to the nerves and help in stopping hiccups. Put a tablespoon of sugar at the back side of your mouth for this remedy to work.

Chamomile For Stopping Hiccups

A relaxing and soothing herbal tea will relax the muscles and stops the muscles and nerve spasms that cause hiccups. Take a tablespoon of dried chamomile and add it to a cup of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes and drink it hot.

Peanut Butter For Stopping Hiccups

Peanut butter is known to stop hiccups immediately. It could be the heavy texture of peanut butter that makes us swallow that causes the relief. Whatever it is, all we need is a way to stop hiccups and taking one tablespoon of peanut butter can offer that ultimate relief that you were searching for.

Press Your Eyeballs For Stopping Hiccups

Another quick way to stop hiccups without any use of home remedies is to relax and close your eyes. Now press your eyeballs ever so gently for a few seconds. The attention of the nerves is immediately shifted to the pressing action on your eyes and your hiccups will stop in a jiffy.

Pepper For Stopping Hiccups

Pepper powder stops hiccups by making you sneeze. Sneezing is another involuntary action caused due to nerve irritation. The nerve cannot handle sneezing as well as hiccups at the same time and hence the hiccups will have to stop in a second.
For this remedy, inhale pepper powder and start sneezing.

Breath Control For Stopping Hiccups

Controlling your breath for a few seconds too can stop hiccups.  Take a long breath by filling your stomach with air. Hold for a few minutes and exhale. Before doing this, plug both the ears.  Another way to do this is to inhale by filling the stomach with air and drink water by holding the air inside without exhaling. Drink water until you lose control and exhale. Your hiccups would have stopped completely by now.

Honey For Stopping Hiccups

The sweetness of honey tickle vagus nerve and that in turn help stop hiccups
Pour some honey into the throat where the sour taste buds are resting and jolt them with its sweetness, stopping hiccups and its annoyance forever.

Yoghurt For Stopping Hiccups

Take cold and sour yoghurt which will make you flinch at its taste and stop hiccups. You may add a teaspoon of salt for increasing its soreness. The constriction of the muscles while you swallow this cool remedy down your throat will stop hiccups all the way.

Ice Bags For Stopping Hiccups

Placing an ice cube or an ice bag on the diaphragm where the spasms are concentrated will again shock your body and stop hiccups immediately. Ice cubes can be placed on the nape of your neck as well as hiccups can be due to irritations of the nerves anywhere from the neck to the chest area.

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