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12 Natural Cures For Migraine

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27 July, 2011

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12 Natural Cures For MigraineSpasms that occur in the head are termed as migraine. The pain is usually concentrated on one part of the head. However, it is a mistake to think that migraine is a condition of the head; it is often a symptom of some other serious disorder of the liver, the eyes or the digestive system.

Often migraines can be triggered off due to stress, anxiety and depressions. There is no fixed pattern to the occurrence of migraines; they can strike anywhere and at anytime though environmental, physical and mental conditions are also to be blamed. Putting stress on the head and the neck normally causes migraine.

In people who take stress, the muscles of the body contract. This contraction leads to constriction of the arteries. The squeezed arteries cannot carry sufficient quantity of blood to the brain. When the contracted muscles relax suddenly, it results in their expansion.

The expansion of the muscles leads to expansion of the blood vessels as well. However, this causes the heart to pump more blood to the vessels. When the blood vessels receive more than required blood they tend to stretch further. It is this stretching of the blood vessels that causes migraine.

How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Migraine?

Frequent and severe ache in the head is often a sign of migraine. The pain in the head originates from the back of the eye and is localized to either side of the head. Also, if the pain is on the right side of the head the next time it will be on the left side.

The severity of a migraine attack is terrible and many people suffer from loss of appetite, nervous breakdowns and remain annoyed and irritated. An attack of migraine is also responsible for feelings of nausea in some people. It can even trigger bouts of vomiting.

Some people have also complained of severe pounding of blood on the side of the head that suffers during the attack. Very rarely do numbness, weakness and partial paralysis occur during an attack of migraine. A few people also experience incoherence during migraine.

Effective Natural Cures For Migraine:

There is no permanent relief from migraine. However, based on their experiences and experimentations many sufferers have found remedies to deal with and get relief from migraine.

Use hot compress to deal with the migraine. Apply the hot compress over the side of the head that hurts. You can prepare a hot compress by keeping a clean towel in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. This remedy is known to bring immediate relief from the ache.

Drink a glass of fresh grape juice as soon as the migraine sets in. You can easily prepare the juice at home without adding water or sugar to it. Two glasses of grape juice will give you instant relief from the throbbing associated with migraine.

Cabbage leaves compress is also known to ease the migraine attack. The compress is prepared by crushing a handful of clean and dry cabbage leaves. Put the leaves in a zip lock bag and make holes in the bag. Place the compress over the side of the head that hurts. You can keep the cabbage leaves compress on the area until the ache goes away. However, do not use the same compress repeatedly; fill the bag with fresh leaves once the old ones dry up.

12 Natural Cures For Migraine

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The tangy smell of lemon peels is also good for curing migraine and the nausea that accompanies it. Take a lemon and peel its skin. Grind the lemon zest by mixing it with a little water. The resulting lemon zest paste should be applied on the head. Leave the paste in place for as long as the migraine lasts.

Various vegetable juices are also used in the treatment of migraine. Combine fresh juices of carrot, beet root, cucumber and spinach. Drink two cups of this juice when the migraine attacks. This juice can be prepared using two combinations:

Prepare the juice by mixing 4 ounces spinach juice with 6 ounces carrot juice or Prepare the juice by mixing 6 ounces of carrot juice with 3 ounces each of beer root and cucumber juice. These are the ideal combinations for treating migraine.

Drinking orange juice and water are also known to work well on migraine. Both the liquids help flush out the toxic waste from the body thus cleansing it from inside. The toxins present in the body are mainly responsible for triggering migraine attacks.

You can prevent occurrence of migraine by following orange juice cleanse diet for two days each month. Drink only undiluted and fresh orange juice for these two days. Even carrot and grape seed juice will help detoxify the body thus easing the symptoms associated with migraine.

Include green leafy vegetables (spinach, green turnip), tomatoes, fish, liver, nuts, wheat grains and yeast in your diet. Prepare food in sunflower oil. You can also chew on a handful of sunflower seeds every day to prevent occurrence of migraines.

Do not eat foods prepared using white flour and synthetic sugar. These two foods are bad for people suffering from migraine and consumption of these or their products often leads to an attack. Also avoid eating foods that are tinned or canned since they are packed using harmful preservatives.

Intake of any spicy food like curries and pickles should be restricted as these can also cause migraine. Eat lots of Vitamin C in your diet. Some vitamin C rich foods are lemon, grapes, sweet lime, oranges and strawberries. These foods help fight the anti-oxidants that are often responsible for migraine attack.

If you suffer from migraine frequently then you must make changes in your daily diet. Eat more of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, essential minerals and fiber. A well-balanced diet for migraine consists of vegetables, fruits, milk, nuts, whole grains, eggs, buttermilk and lean meats. These foods make your immune system stronger which helps the body fight migraine attack.

Drink lots of water; 8-10 glasses every day. This will clean your body by removing the toxins. Absence of toxins makes the body stronger. Fruits like watermelon, grapes and oranges are high in water content and are helpful in getting rid of toxins from the body.

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