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10 Effective Home Remedies For Boils

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6 August, 2011

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10 Effective Home Remedies For BoilsSkin infections affect all of us all at some point of our lives. Boils are the result of infections on the skin, especially the hair follicles which are caused due to the action of bacteria. They appear as red bumps on the skin surface with pus. Boils cause a lot of itching on the skin and can sometimes be chronic when the skin becomes rough due to the scratching and dark due to the continuous infection.

Boils that appear rarely are not a serious condition and will resolve on their own. However frequent appearance of boils on the body need to taken seriously as it could be the result of other serious internal infections. At times, it could even be the onset of a disease that could be contagious like chicken pox.

What Are The Reasons For Boils?

There are many simple as well as complicated reasons that can result in boils on your body. Anxiety attacks and stress can cause the skin to break out into boils. Similarly, ill nutrition and unhealthy habits too are causes that can be blamed for initiating the appearance of boils in the body. Boils can also be something more serious like a cancerous growth in the body. This is why chronic boils need to be checked.

Solutions That You Can Try At Home

Home remedies for boils will treat the symptoms naturally without causing any ill effects on the body. If the boils do not dry up after treatment with home remedies, you must seek the advice of a doctor to rule out other diseases of the body.

Treatment Of Boils With Turmeric

The simplest of all solutions, grind fresh turmeric to form a powder and mix it with water for applying on the boil. Turmeric can remove the bacteria that have caused the boils and remove the inflammation, slowly causing the boils to shrink and vanish completely.

Apply turmeric paste continuously, replacing with a fresh coat every few hours. This treatment can be continued until the boils fall off naturally.

Treatment Of Boils With Cornmeal

Cornmeal has a drying action on the boil and helps in healing it within hours of application. Take cornmeal powder and mix it with hot water to form a paste. This can be applied on the boils and allowed to dry. Every 2 hours remove the dry paste and apply a fresh coat of cornmeal paste. This treatment will help remove the boils in a day.

Treatment Of Boils With Egg White

For boils that are big and painful with a ripe bud, the best way to relieve it is to allow it to burst and drain. For this take a hardboiled egg and remove a small piece of the egg white from it. Put it on the boil and keep it in place with a duct tape.

10 Effective Home Remedies For Boils

In an hour or so, the boil would have burst and the pus gets drained completely. Remove the tape and using a wet cotton ball soaked in turmeric water, wipe away the drain and apply some corn starch or turmeric paste over it. Leave it to dry and wash it off the next day. The boil would have completely healed with this treatment.

Treatment Of Boils With Onions

The bacterial action in the boils can be treated with an antibacterial agent like onion. Take a slice of onion and leave it on the boil, sealing it with a duct tape. Continue applying fresh onion slices every hour until the boil bursts due to the action of onion.  Clear the pus with a wet cotton ball and apply turmeric for the healing of the skin and also for removing the scar.

Treatment Of Boils With Nutmeg

Proper circulation of blood can remove boils from your skin. For this nutmeg can be used. Grind nut meg to form a powder and drink it after mixing it with a glass of water. The blood circulation in your body will be immediately increased and the bacteria will be removed from the skin surface. This is a good treatment method if you cannot leave pastes or masks on your skin when you are at work.

Treatment Of Boils With Bitter Gourd

Yet another wonderful solution for those of you who are not at home; take a bitter gourd and grate it. Squeeze the juice out of it. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and drink this first thing in the morning. Bitter gourd and lemon juice will remove all the bacterial action in your skin by making the skin acidic.

Treatment Of Boils With Garlic

Garlic can be used for destroying the bacteria from the skin and removing the bursting ripe boils. Take a sliced garlic clove and keep it on the boil, sealing it with a bandage. The boils will soon burst due to the heat. Remove the pus and apply turmeric.

Treatment Of Boils With Betel Leaves

Betel leaves too are hot and will rupture the boils when applied on the skin along with a coat of castor oil. Make the betel leaf soft by warming it over a flame before doing this. You can also squeeze the juice and mix with a few drops of castor oil to get the same benefit.

Treatment Of Boils With Cumin

Crush cumin seeds until they for a paste. Apply on the boils and leave it until it dries. Remove it with a cotton ball once dry. The boils would have dried off by now and your skin would have healed as well.

Treatment Of Boils With Milk Cream

This treatment can be done at the onset of boils when you see them. Mix milk cream with turmeric and a little vinegar. Apply on the boil. This will burst the boil and bust the bacteria as well, clearing away any chance of infection.  Turmeric can be applied for a couple of day more to prevent recurrence and also to leave your skin clear and glowing.

Boils that do not go away with these simple treatments must not be continued to treat at home. Consult a doctor for further proceedings.

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